Tyson Doroha


Tyson is the youngest of 3 boys. His father worked on cars, and was an Aircraft Mechanic for United. He was always interested in what his dad was working on. Tyson was born in Hawaii, lived in Colorado for a few years, eventually landing in El Segundo, which is the hub for the area we service. He attended El Segundo High School, and had a scholarship to an Art School, but decided to go to school to be an EMT. Tyson worked for his friends, father’s local door company while in school as an EMT, and eventually quit EMT training to do doors full time. Tyson started his business in 2004, he is a master tradesmen, skilled and experienced in electrical, welding, concrete cutting, concrete pouring, moveable gates, operators, overhead doors, accordion doors, hangar doors and motorizing the impossible.

Whitney Carman


Whitney is youngest daughter of an entrepreneur. Her father started a boat cover & upholstery business in 1972, when Whitney could walk, she went with him on jobs. Whitney was 16 when she started running her dad’s business in Vermont while he played Ukulele with Tyson’s dad during California winters. By the time she turned 25, she had built a house, started her own business specializing in boat covers, but she didn’t want to just repeat her father’s success so she moved to California and started another successful boat cover business called Even Keel Canvas. Whitney started working for Aloha Doors & Gates in 2012, managing accounting, filing and reconciling. Gradually, Whitney learned everything she needed to know to run a company, and more importantly, what not to do. Whitney successfully re-structured the company in 2014, creating a small, but professionally managed business structure to match the quality of workmanship that Tyson had been providing for 10 years. Similar to Tyson, Whitney has mastered many trades, she also does estimating, and manages all of Aloha Doors large projects, thanks to her, all Tyson has to do is work, and thanks to Tyson, Whitney never has to do quality control.

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